How to access html data attributes in JavaScript

How to get and set data attributes on HTML elements with JavaScript.

There are times when you need to access data from DOM elements. You can attach the data to any attribute name you want but using the data- prefix will yield some additional functionality that can be quite powerful.

<div class="person" data-first-name="John">…</div>

Getting Data Attributes on HTML Nodes

You can access a special JavaScript object on any html node called dataset This object represents the attributes on the HTML element that are prefixed with data-

Data attributes are stripped of the data- prefix and added to the dataset object.

<div class="person" data-first-name="John" data-last-name="Smith">…</div>
const person = document.querySelector(".person")

// { firstName: 'John', lastName: 'Smith' }

Note: Data values are stored and retrieved as strings.

Depending on how the data attribute is named will depend on how it is set to the dataset object:

  • kebab-case data-first-namedataset.firstName
  • camelCase data-lastNamedataset.lastname
  • snake_case data-middle_namedataset.middle_name

Setting Data Attributes in JavaScript

Adding values to the dataset object will result on their respective attributes on the html node.

<div class="animal">...</div>
const animal = document.querySelector(".animal")
animal.dataset.type = "lion"


<div class="animal" data-type="lion">...</div>


Accessing and setting data attributes is a powerful technique to manage data between the DOM and JavaScript.

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